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It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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The MARC Elmer Page

(Dec 10, 2010) -- Elmer; The person who nurtures the ham radio operator. A mentor or coach for the Amateur Radio Operator. Elmer; Someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would be hams. The term Elmer first appeared in the March 1971 issue of QST.

I know the majority of us have had an Elmer or two in our midst as we grew up in the hobby of ham radio. I was fortunate to have 2 Elmers at the beginning of the hobby, which is now almost 20 years ago. I have since then Elmered a couple of folks into the hobby, well actually a few more than that! I was not just Elmered in 1991, but throughout the years I have been Elmered by many other hams as well! I am sure I will be Elmered again!

Have you ever answered a question for a new or seasoned ham, that had something to do with ham radio? Well, then you were an Elmer! Have you ever helped a ham build an antenna, install an antenna, then test it out? Well, you guessed it, you were an Elmer! That was easy, right?

Elmering can make you feel good about getting someone interested in the hobby. Not just getting someone interested, but carrying out the full run of interest, testing, passing, and getting them on the air. One of the best feelings, is seeing the person you Elmer take off into the hobby head over heels!

Elmering is not limited to helping out the newly licensed ham radio operator. The seasoned ham can be Elmered too! Maybe the seasoned ham has decided to take on a new mode of operation. For example; John Doe wants to learn more about PSK 31, and just does not know where to get started. So, the ham starts to search for someone that operates PSK 31! This search may be difficult for some hams.

Hence the new location for such information and right at your finger tips. Please welcome the new, “Elmers Corner”. Elmers Corner will be a new location on the Massillon Amateur Radio Club Website! We will have a list of operators from the club, that will have their name,call sign, and email address available posted in the Elmers Corner. Along with their name, there will be a list of areas that these operators are willing to Elmer.

We as ham radio operators are responsible to make sure that any new prospective hams, and or newly licensed operators have access to all information needed to properly install, and operate their equipment. If we bring someone on board, we need to keep their interests in the hobby! We currently have 6 members of the club that has volunteered to be an Elmer. Gary, WC8W, Carl, AB8CC,Wade,WD8MIU, Dan, N8DZM,Terry, N8ATZ, Scott, N3JJT. If you would like to add your name to the list, please do so! You can do this by sending an email to Terry Russ at : Please use Elmer in the subject, and include what areas that you would like to Elmer. It is up to us to keep this hobby moving forward. By providing the Elmers Corner for anyone that reads our newsletter, we just might make a difference in a hams life! 72/73..  de Scott, N3JJT.

Here is our current Elmer list including the areas they would be happy to help you in. Please feel free to contact them for help and assistance you might need !

DXing on the HF Bands
Gary Kline, WC8W

Island DXing - Contacting Those Faraway Places.  DX is the essence of Amateur Radio. If it were not for the desire to send a signal over the hill, then over the water around the world, Amateur Radio may not have even been born.

In the early days of radio, DX became the acronym for "distance". Almost every ham has a bit of DXer ingrained in his system. It's only human nature to see how far away your equipment will work. 

The MARC resident DXer is Gary Kline, WC8W. Gary is a serious DXer with over 300 countries confirmed to his credit. With over 20 years experience in this facet of the hobby, Gary is an excellent source of information on everything you would need to know to begin your journey into this operating interest. You can always talk to Gary at our monthly club meetings or you can email him at

Some additional links where you can find additional information on DXing..

The DX Zone, a ham radio resource guide to DX Operating.

dxzone amateur radio internet guide


General HF Operation
Carl Cunert, AB8CC

    If your interests are in operating high frequency or the "low bands" club member Carl Cunert, AB8CC is an active HF'er and can guide you through the in's and out's of this basic amateur radio mode. 

Carl has operated HF for many years and has can assist you in having lots of fun on the HF bands.  Carl's email is  Give him a call whenever you would like some help in this mode !



General Club Information
Wade Huthmacher, WD8MIU

    The MARC is a very diverse radio club involved in a wide array of activities. Operating Events, Hamfest, Field Day participation is only a few of the many things we are involved in every year.

A great source of general information on everything the club does is our newly elected club president Wade Huthmacher, WD8MIU.  Wade will be happy to answer any questions you have on general club operation. You can reach Wade at his email:  



Satellite Operating
Dan Anastis, N8DZM

    Even amateurs who've held their licenses for decades are astonished when they discover the size and sophistication of the Amateur Radio space "fleet." This isn't a new development. Hams were present at the dawn of the Space Age, creating the first amateur satellite in 1961, and we've been active on the "final frontier" ever since.

The club's resident amateur satellite expert is Dan Anastis, N8DZM. Dan has operated using this mode for many years and has a very impressive satellite station from which he has confirmed many contacts including the International Space Station !

Dan heads up our Satellite Station during our annual Field Day exercise and it is always on display for folks to see. Dan would be happy to answer any questions you may have in this exciting amateur mode !. Dan can be reached at his email to:  

A great source of information on Satellite operating is AMSAT, The Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation. The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (as AMSAT is officially known) was first formed in the District of Columbia in 1969 as an educational organization. Its goal was to foster Amateur Radio's participation in space research and communication. AMSAT was founded to continue the efforts, begun in 1961, by Project OSCAR, a west coast USA-based group which built and launched the very first Amateur Radio satellite, OSCAR, on December 12, 1961, barely four years after the launch of Russia's first Sputnik.

Learn everything about them at their website:



Public Service Communications
Terry Russ, N8ATZ

    Amateur Radio Public Service can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our hobby. Providing emergency communications support to our community is at the very core of the Amateur Radio Service.

The MARC is very involved in this important facet of our hobby and ready to assist you if you are interested in this part of our hobby. 

Club member Terry Russ, N8ATZ is currently the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for the Stark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and would be happy to assist you if you would like to become involved in public service. Terry can be reached at or by phone at (330) 837-3091.

Additional information on the ARES can be found at the Stark Co ARES website:  or the ARRL website at:



CW/Antennas/QRP/Portable Operating/Fox Hunting  -  Scott McCamish, N3JJT

  The motivator behind our Elmer program is Scott McCamish, N3JJT. Scott is a relative newcomer to Amateur Radio but has found a wide variety of interests in many operating facets of our hobby. 

Scott has experimented in many of the basic skills needed to get on the air covering a wide variety of situations and will be glad to assist you with help in any of these areas. Whether it's CW operation, QRP (Low Power) operation, antennas or fox hunting, Scott has acquired a full body of knowledge and is happy to share. You can reach Scott through his email at  



DX Operating / Island Operation
Bryon Berger, KF8UN

Another DX Operator and Island Operation enthusiast is club member Bryon Berger, KF8UN. Bryon has an impressive list of confirmed contacts from many countries and has operated from several salt water and fresh water island operations.

Island operating is part of amateur radio adventure and Bryon can present a unique insight to this type of operating. Bryon is also responsible for activating the club station during many contests and has confirmed contacts with many countries for the club.

Bryon can be reached through his email to BBerger@STARKSTATE.EDU


CW / Two Meters / HF / Radio Theory
Don Wade, W8DEA

  Another club member with a wide and impressive backround is Don Wade, W8DEA. Don has traveled the country as a member of FEMA, operated public service and has operated many bands and modes as well. 

Don also has assisted in the club's annual license training classes and can provide anyone with a great insight into Amateur Radio.  No matter what your interest in our hobby, Don can assist you in understanding many aspects in our hobby and stands ready to help you.  Don's email is  




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