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It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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The MARC Photo Album Page

The Massillon Amateur Radio Club is active in many aspects of amateur radio. Shown below are some pictures of the MARC in action. We hope you enjoy our scrapbook. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see them full size. Other pictures are shown full size.


The Quail Hollow MS Walk Amateur Volunteers

Terry - N8ATZ and Don - W8DEA at NCS Position

Walkers taking a well deserved break

The ATV Camera monitored bus transportation

The crew at Quail Hollow

The Tappan Lake Island Expedition

Byron, KF8UN on Tappan Lake Island preparing an operating spot.

The spot is ready as the antenna gets assembled

Antenna is ready - time for CQ DX ! This is Tappan Island, OH048L !


The Sights of Memorial Day 2003

ECOMM 1 Prepares for the parade

Decorated and ready for the parade. Pictured L-R are 
Don Wade - W8DEA, Perry Ballinger - W8AU and Jim Farriss - WA8GXM

ECOMM 1 proudly displayed in the parade

Avid Red Cross Volunteer Saundra Backer - N8TZB
with the Red Cross Response Vehicle

The April Fox Hunt


Rich - KA8ZQH emerges victorious after finding the Fox !


The April Fox Hunt Group !

(L to R) Don - W8DEA, Dan - N8DZM, Gary - WC8W, Linda - K8MOO, Don - W8DEF, Rich - KA8ZQH and Terry - N8ATZ. Sommer the unofficial club mascot also joined in the hunt !


The Sights From Our Hamfest
f you didn't make it to our Hamfest  you missed a great event. Below are just a few of the great memories from this years Hamfest !


Gary - WC8W at the club table The Ohio Wing of CAP joined us this year !
EComm 1 on display as always ! K8DON, What can I interest you in ????
Another banner crowd for 2001 ! An assortment of computer gear
Bonnie, XYL of SEC Larry Rain won the mobile check in prize ! Jeff - KC8KIX (L) & Jason - KC8LIN enjoyed Hamfest 2001
Long time attendee Dick - KC8OU (L) Saundi - N8TZB handled mobile checkins
Our old friends from QCWA Chapter 21 ! Radio Shack of Massillon had some great deals !
Another good mix of new & old gear Our old friend The Weller Man !
Round & round it goes, ready to pull another prize winner ! And did we have some great prizes this year !
KA8ZQH asks Looking for a Tube ????? Auctioneer Perry - W8AU had the really good deals !


Special thanks to Ed Clinger, WA8DRT who took these great Hamfest Pix !





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