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It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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Service Awards 

      The Massillon Amateur Radio Club is an active organization with many enthusiastic members. Whether its Public Service, Field Day, DX, or General Operating our members are involved ! To recognize the many contributions both to our club and to the Community, the MARC established our annual Service Awards presented each year at our Awards Banquet. Currently our core awards are , Field Day, Contesting, Public Service, Technical Merit, DX'ing, A-1 Operator, and our most prestigious The Ham of the Year. Many of these awards have been named to honor those past club members who personified the very meaning of this special recognition. Other awards are issued honoring efforts in specialized areas.

    Our Congratulations to the following club members both past & present on achieving this special recognition.

The 2002 Award Recipients


The William J. North
W8NP Ham of the Year Award

   Named for the amateur who would become the founding Father of our club, it is awarded each year to that individual who best personifies the principles he established in the early days of spark gap radio to the digital complexity of today. In the true spirit of the Massillon Amateur Radio Club, the following amateurs have achieved this special honor.



Linda Finley - K8MOO     

Now entering her fourth term as club secretary, Linda has continued to bring dedication and professionalism to the role as well as a general enthusiasm to Amateur Radio. Always willing to volunteer her time to club events, Linda is also very active with the Western Stark Chapter of the American Red Cross serving numerous positions including making many "after midnight" responses to assist with community aid. An extra class operator both in the hobby and in the community, Linda is very deserving of this prestigious award.




2001 Dan Anastis - N8DZM
2000 Terry Russ - N8ATZ
1999 Skip Westrick - WB8OWM
1998 Donald Finley - W8DEF  
1997 Jerry LaRocca  -  KF8EB
1996 Harry Kraus - AD8E  (SK)
1995 Robert Foss - KG8II  (SK)
1994 James Farriss - WA8GXM

The Public Service Award

   Public Service, its very name explains its purpose. Amateur Operators serve our local community by assisting in many public service events, providing vital communications links between many local agencies. This award honors those club members who have demonstrated their commitment to this facet of Amateur Radio.

Perry Ballinger - W8AU     

The Annual Massillon Holiday Parade is the largest and most extensive public service event handled entirely by members of the MARC. In recent years parade coordination and communications have been handled by Perry, who solicits volunteers, sets working schedules, and generally makes sure everything is ready to go in this ever growing parade.


2001 Charlie Scherger - KB8STV
2000 Shelby Foss - N8XEO & Saundy Becker - N8TZB
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Linda Finley - K8MOO
1997 Don Finley - W8DEF
1996 Jim Farriss - WA8GXM
1995 Terry Russ - N8ATZ
1994 Dennis Hamilton - N8UDL


The Technical Merit Award

   The Technical Merit Award is given to the individual who most personifies one of the basic fundamentals of Amateur Radio. Since its early days the hobby has been about building and maintaining our own equipment. For many amateurs, our first equipment began as just a handful of parts out of a junk box. We acknowledge the following club members for continuing this fine tradition.

Dan Anastis - N8DZM     

    After a long absence, Dan reintroduced the club to the art and fun of Fox Hunting. Dan returned from Dayton last year with a direction finding plan, constructed a "Fox transmitter" and began sponsoring club fox hunts. Since then, they have grown in popularity and are an important club event. This aspect of ham radio is finding a new following and has helped to increase both antenna knowledge and operating proficiency in our elusive hunt for the fox !


2001 Not Awarded
2000 Bruce Putnam - AB8FB
1999 Jim Farriss - WA8GXM & Don Finley - W8DEF
1998 Jim Farriss - WA8GXM
1997 Not Awarded
1996 Gene Beckwith - W8KXR
1995 Not Awarded
1994 P. Ballinger - W8AU, G. Kline - WC8W, J. Farriss - WA8GXM, S. Garwood - N0CZV

The George Turkal, W8YHU
 A-1 Operator Award

   The George Turkal, W8YHU A-1 Operator Award named to honor that club member who is remembered as the classic operator. To a member of the ARRL, membership in the A-1 Operators Club attests to superior competence and performance in the many facets of radio communication. It is earned through the continuous observance of the very highest operating standards. For this exemplary service to our club, the following members are recognized.

Terry Russ - N8ATZ     

The George Turkal, W8YHU A-1 Operator Award winner Terry Russ. Principle webmaster of the club's website, Terry has through the site, promoted operating awareness both within the club and the community. More people now have the opportunity to see and understand the service provided by the MARC than ever before.

Previous Award Recipients

2001 Bruce Putnam - AB8FB
2000 Don Wade - W8DEA
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Barney Oneacre - AD8E
1997 Ed Clinger - WA8DRT
1996 Don Lebo - K8DON
1995 Harry Kraus - AD8E (SK)
1994 Don Wade - W8DEA

The Joseph Turkal, K8EKG
DX Award

   The Joseph Turkal, K8EKG DX Award was established to honor club member Joe Turkal. Joe was a total DX'er. Dxing in the classic definition means contacting distant stations. It requires a combination of skill and patience and is described as long hours of quiet searching followed by short minutes of heart pounding excitement. Awarded to the club member who has caught the "bug" of this exciting and challenging facet of amateur radio.

Pete Wilder - WD8PTW     

The Joe Turkal, K8EKG DX Award winner Pete Wilder - WD8PTW. A long time club member and hobbyist, Pete has for the past several years been chasing lots of DX, especially on six meters and is currently working on a high power six meter amplifier that will certainly help break through the pile ups !


2001 Not Awarded
2000 Gary Kline - WC8W
1999 Bryon Berger - KF8UN
1998 Charlie Scherger - KB8STV
1997 Skip Westrich - WB8OWM
1996 John Schaffner - K8LN
1995 Randy Phelps - KD8JN
1994 Not Awarded


The Contesting Award

   Awarded to recognize excellence in this pulse-pounding, no holds bared, hit the ground running facet of amateur radio. Recipients build skill and confidence while honing their operating expertise. We congratulate the following members for their contribution to this exciting aspect of amateur radio.

Gary Blagg - KC8IHR

The Contesting Award was not issued during 2002. Pictured above is Gary Blagg - KC8IHR, the 1999 Award Recipient. Gary participated in numerous contests during the year, both from his home shack as well as from the club shack. Gary is fast becoming a seasoned contester in the club. An inspiration to fellow contesters who remember their early days in contesting, Gary was well deserving of this award in 1999.


2002 Not Awarded
2001 Not Awarded
2000 Not Awarded
1999 Gary Blagg - KC8IHR
1998 John Schaffner - K8LN
1997 Not Awarded
1996 Scott Mathews - W8JT
1995 Not Awarded



The Bob Rogers, W8NWR
Field Day Award

    Named for the club member who provided the focus for this pivotal club participation event, he proved time and time again that equipment alone doesn't win any Field Days. It also takes an experienced operator to be a success. The following club members have repeated this philosophy at every Field Day since.


Don Wade - W8DEA     

The Bob Rogers, W8NWR Field Day Award winner Don Wade - W8DEA. Field Day is about many things, endurance, operating, hard work plus enthusiasm. Qualities that Don demonstrates not only at Field Day but all throughout the year. Don's winning spirit runs high during Field Day and throughout the year ! 


2001 Gary Blagg - KC8IHR
2000 Dan Anastis - N8DZM & Russ McMahen - N8PII
1999 Don Wade - W8DEA
1998 Bud Lawrence - W8OE
1997 Randy Phelps - KD8JN
1996 Igor Nikishin - WB8KEO
1995 Robert "Kip" Kiplinger - K8KIP
1994 Judith Cordray - KA8RSQ


Issued for 2001


Jeff McKinney - KC8KIX (R) was recognized with a Special Merit Award for his extensive work in producing an updated Stark County Amateur Radio Directory. This must have desk reference is a complete listing of all amateurs in and around the Stark County area. Originally conceived and maintained by Bill Parks - K8JZN, it was managed by member Dennis Hamilton - N8UDL until Jeff took over responsibility in 2000. This monumental project involves maintaining  the nearly 1,200 amateurs listed in the directory constantly keeping up with address and callsign changes.






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